Violence in the Name of Christ

In light of the reports that the suspect in the Oslo bombing and Norway shooting rampage was acting to start a Christian vs. Islam war I want to come out and say that his extremist views do not represent Christianity any more than the Islamic extremists represent Islam. I am going to write more fully on denouncing violence in the name of Love later this evening. So tune in later for more. Thank you.

  1. At least now we can have more sympathy for those poor peaceful Muslims who have people claiming to represent their faith committing atrocities. Does not feel good to get lumped in the crazy camp because of words like “Muslim” and “Christian”.

    • I really hope so. I have Muslim friends who I know are peace loving people who condemn terrorism, who do NOT support the extremist contrary to what the American Christian Right would tell us. Oh yeah, I’ve hear that it is American Muslims, those from here that have adopted this stance. Weird because my friends are from Egypt and United Arab Emirates and still live there.

      PS Skeptigirl I really like your blog.

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