The Ironic Church: Do we support the Kingdom or the world?


The Kingdom of Heaven is subversive to power structures of the world. Do we in our churches and lives actually do this or are we in actuality supporting the structures and systems of the world?

When I was in prison I read quite a bit abut oppressive systems. I read Paulo Freire, Noam Chomsky, and others. This was in the couple years immediately prior to my coming to faith in God. What I started to realize and tried to communicate to those around me, expecially those who felt themselves revolutionary, was that if no criminal class existed the power structure and systems of our societies would necessitate the creation of such a class. So, those who think that they are resisting the power structure by doing drugs and commiting crimes are, in reality, supporting these systems.

Doesn’t Jesus and the early church teach ways that subvert these power structures and systems? Even Paul and those who wrote in his name call us to be subversive to the structures of the world. It is in the subversion of these structures that brings in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus knew this, Paul knew this, do we?

    • moonchild11
    • August 23rd, 2011

    I really like Shane Claiborne’s ideas about prison and subverting the power structures in regards to the criminal class in his book Jesus for President. A great read!

    • Mike Friesen
    • August 26th, 2011

    Peter is a fascinating and beneficial voice, isn’t he?

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